The Price of Moving…

If you’ve seen any of the televised games of the Los Angeles Chargers (formerly of San Diego) you have seen something very odd – a “home” stadium filled to the brim with fans of the opposing team. When the Spanos family picked up their team and moved to L.A., I don’t think anyone foresaw this. Their temporary stadium only holds 27,000 people. They will move into the Rams new Deathstar of a stadium next year. Will the team get the same treatment from its L.A.-based fans? Who knows – but it will be interesting to watch and it’s a precautionary tale about leaving loyal fans in the dirt and about professional football in Los Angeles which has struggled mightly for attention for decades. Here’s an interesting article from the NYT about the Chargers move to L.A.

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Chargers Copyright “L.A. Chargers” – What Does it Mean?

It appears that the owners of the San Diego Chargers recently filed for copyright protection for the terms “Los Angeles Chargers” and “L.A. Chargers.”  None of this means for certain that the team is moving to L.A., but it is certainly a necessary step in that process.  To read the story click here.  From the story:

“Approval of the applications can take several months, and if the Chargers don’t use the marks within six months after the team is granted approval, the applications would be considered abandoned. But that timeframe can be extended multiple times, Saivar said. So even if the Chargers don’t decide to move to LA immediately, the trademark applications could prove helpful to the team down the road.

One other interesting note:  The attorney of record named on the trademark applications is not an employee of the Chargers. It is Anastasia Danias, a senior vice president and in-house attorney with the NFL. At the very least, Saivar says, this suggests the league has signed off on whatever the Chargers decide to do.”

If you have read my book you know that the Chargers were one of the original eight 1960 American Football League franchises and were based in Los Angeles before moving to San Diego the next year.  Not sure if they will move back to L.A. or not but one thing is for sure: those powder blue uniforms with the lightning bolts are among the best in the history of the NFL!

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