50 Years Ago – The NFL in 1967

The 1960’s were a time of huge changes in America.  1967 was a turning point, culturally, politically, and regarding the Vietnam War.  The NFL was not immune to these changes.  The second year into the merger between the NFL and the AFL, you can see change start to bubble to the surface of professional football.  The days of a bunch of crew-cut, part-time professionals was changing rapidly, just like the country.  Sports Illustrated has released several stories discussing key stories/issues about the NFL in 1967 – looking back 50 years.


These are very interesting articles covering some things I already knew and some things brand new to me.   I think it is great that SI has done this.  All of the articles are highly entertaining and informative.  Take a few minutes to read about:

What Ever Happened to Washington’s Ray McDonald?


The Playoff Bowl: The Worst Kind of Garbage Time


The History of NFL Goal Posts: Excitement and Danger


The Greatest Player Who Never Was


Brawl, Booze, and True Believers: The Saints’ First Wild Season


Of course, most of this and more are covered in my book, The Evolution of Professional Football available at www.SterlingMillerBooks.com.


That’s all for now football fans.

Sterling Miller

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